Advanced Settings

When an alarm is triggered you will be alerted straight away unless your scheduler is off.

Adjust Scheduler

Default - For Tank monitors the default scheduler is set to measure every 15 minutes and transmit those measurements to your mobile phone every 6 hours.

For Environmental monitors the default scheduler is set to measure every 5 minutes and transmit every 2 hours.

These settings will preserve your battery power.

Custom - This setting allows you to select measurement intervals from 5 minutes to 24 hours and transmission intervals from 1 to 24 hours.

Off - The sensor will not transmit any measurements to your mobile app including alarm alerts.

Tank Measurements (Tank Level Sensor)

Measure and enter distance from the sensor to the tank bottom and then select next. Then enter the maximum possible water level which is usually the distance between the overflow outlet and the bottom of the tank.

The distance between the sensor and the maximum water level must be at least 200mm

Offset (LS1 Environmental Models)

The offset of a sensor is the distance between the sensor and the baseline water level. The baseline is the water level that you choose to define as 0. The sensor can calculate the height of the water using the distance to the water surface .

You can choose not to have an offset and the sensor will only calculate the distance to the surface of the water instead of the water level. Read more about offset.


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