Trouble Shooting

Can't log in to the Waterwatch app

Check that the time and date on your device is correct (a minute off is ok).
The password is case sensitive so check that your caps lock is off.
Make sure that your internet connection is working well.
Reset your password using the Forgot Password option in the login screen in both Waterwatch mobile and Waterwatch Live.

Not receiving new measurements

On your mobile app you can refresh your screen by dragging your finger or thumb down the screen.
If you are using a desktop app, use the refresh/reload page tool.
If the sensor icon is grey:
The sensor has been turned off. Follow the Connect & Configure instructions.
If the sensor icon is yellow:
Your battery may be too low to transmit measurements. Check your battery level in your mobile app. The level can be found by selecting Additional Information at the bottom of the sensor screen. If you have recently changed the battery in your sensor, try re-booting it. Check the Diagnostics help page for reboot instructions.
The network connection may be weak, check the signal in Diagnostics. In low cellular network areas the signal can drop temporarily. Your sensor will hold the measurements and send them once the network signal is strong enough.
Check your scheduler settings for the measurement and transmission intervals to make sure they are set correctly. See Advanced Settings.
Connect to your sensor using your magnetic wand and mobile app to check for error codes.

Can't connect to sensor

Check that your bluetooth is turned on. If bluetooth is on, your phone may be trying to connect or is connected to a different device such as headphones. Disconnect any connected devices.
Close out of the connect screen and go to the home screen. From the home screen select your sensor and try again.

Error setting alarms

Close out of the low or high alarm screen. From the configure screen select the low or high alarm and try to set it again. If the alarm error continues, disconnect from the sensor and reconnect.

Not receiving notifications

Go to your account settings (bottom right in home screen). Check that enable notifications is toggled on.

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