Waterwatch Live

View sensor data, export data, change sensor settings and more

Select a sensor icon on the map in the Map Tab or on the sidebar in the Sensors Tab to view the water level data and other information.

Sensor Icons

Green Active: The sensor is operating normally.

Orange Warning:

Common causes:

Low battery. A low battery can prevent your monitor from sending messages.

Sensor is positioned incorrectly. The sensor may be installed too close to the highest water level (200mm minimum distance), or the sensor is angled more than a 3 degree angle.

Sensor is offline. This can be caused by bad network coverage or a low battery.

Sensor is damaged.

Red Alert: Water level alarm is asserted.

Grey Alert: The measurement scheduler has been turned off.

Exporting Sensor Data

In the sensor dashboard, you should be able to see on the upper right-hand side, the export button. Click this button and a CSV file will be automatically downloaded. Use the date filter options to the left of the screen to refine your data range.

Only the organisation owner can export data.

Sensor Setup

You may perform the following changes and operations on a sensor if you are the admin/owner of the organisation:

  • Change the Display Settings

  • Change the Offset

  • Change the Display Limits

  • Change the Location Indicator

  • Perform a Remote Task

Measurement Error Code

Measurement errors happen sometimes when the sensor is not set up correctly or is damaged. Read more about measurement errors here:

pageMeasurement Errors

Add a Sensor to Your Organisation

To the left of the dashboard click on the menu next to 'search sensors'. Add the sensor serial number and the claim code. These can be found on the instruction brochure in the box your sensor was delivered in.

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