Tank Monitor - Wifi Setup (before Oct 2022)

Before installing please read our positioning tips

Tools You'll Need:

For best results your tank monitor should be installed at least 300mm above the highest water level. 200mm is the minimum measurable distance above the highest water level.

Ready To Install?

When you have logged into the Waterwatch mobile app you’ll see your new tank monitor ready to activate. Select your tank monitor to open the Set Up Wizard.

You will need to be at your tank when you are ready to follow the Set Up Wizard steps. Before you go to your tank, make sure you have your wifi password with you so that you can connect when prompted.

The Set Up Wizard will help you to:

  • Connect to the tank monitor with Bluetooth

  • Connect the tank monitor to your wifi network

  • Measure the distance from the hole you’ve cut to the bottom of the tank

  • Measure the maximum possible water depth

  • Attach your tank monitor to the tank

  • Verify your first measurements

  • Name your tank monitor

Quick App Guide

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