Replacing the Battery LS1 Models

Instructions for replacing the battery of LS1, LS1-10M and LS1-P

If you do not have the Battery Service Kit on hand, you may order it here.

Once you have your the new Battery Kit, please read carefully and follow the instructions step by step to replace the battery:

1. Your battery service kit contains the following:

2. Remove the sensor from its installation site and place it somewhere that is dry and dust free.

3. Unscrew and remove the lock ring of the sensor.

4. Remove the outer case and flip the board to show the battery.

5. Gently unplug the battery cable from the board and DO NOT disconnect any other cables from the board.

6. Carefully cut the zip tie with a pair of scissors and remove. Please make sure the end of the scissors does not touch the board.

7. Hold the board firmly on the edges (do not touch any components on the board), and slowly detach the old battery from the double-sided tape. Please be careful not to twist the board when doing so.

8. Leave a 3-5 mm gap between the bottom of the battery and the power socket. Ensure the battery is positioned so that the cable is long enough to be plugged in. Attach the new battery to the double-sided tape on the board and plug the cable into the battery socket.

9. Tie the battery with the new zip tie. Please make sure the zip tie goes through the notches on the edges of the board. The zip tie ratchet should be at the other side of the board. The power cable of the battery should also go under the zip tie so that it's restrained properly.

10. Cut off the extra bit of the zip tie.

If you have unplugged any other cables while changing the battery, please plug them back properly before you continue.

11. Plug the power cable back into the board.

12. (Optional) Replace the O-ring if necessary.

13. Stick the board into the slots (if there are any).

14. Place the outer case back and make sure the gap between two pieces are smaller than 1mm when holding them together with some pressure. Otherwise, please adjust the position of the board to fit properly into the outer case.

15. Carefully screw the lock ring back until there's no gap between the lock ring.

16. Before leaving the installation site, it is important to connect the sensor with the mobile app and check if the sensor is reading measurements properly.

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