Frequently asked questions

Are the sensors available in Australia? Who are your Australian distributors?

Yes, our distributors in Australia are Automation Group and Farm Monitoring Solutions.

How can I share my sensor data or access others?

You can share your sensor information with anyone by inviting them to your organisation. They will have access to the web and the mobile app as either a member or an admin. This decision depends on whether you want them to view only, or view and make changes.

Will this sensor work on my property?

You may check your network coverage in NZ and AUS here.

Can I use the T35 tank sensor on concrete tanks?

Yes, a 50mm hole must be drilled into the top of the concrete tank. Stackable angled mounting shims are available to level your tank sensor. Please check the Tank Monitor Positioning setup guide for more information.

What kind of hole saw do I need?

​Hole Saw Options​

What are the technical specifications?

Do you offer flow monitoring?

For measuring the weir flow - Yes. On your Waterwatch Live app there are advanced sensor setup settings where you can convert the water level measurements into weir flow rate.
For tank flow - No. Sorry this is not supported yet.

What are the maximum and minimum tank sizes?

The most important measurement is the tank depth and the distance from the sensor to the water surface, whereas the tank diameter is not an issue.
Sensor type
Min distance from water surface
Max distance from water surface
0.2 metre
3.5 metres

Can I forward the data to my own software/system?

Yes, please check out the REST API and other integration options in our Developer Documentation.

How much will a sensor cost?

Sensor and app subscriptions prices are available at​
For prices in Australia, please contact Automation Group or Farm Monitoring Solutions.
For wholesale inquiries please email [email protected]

Where can I find a demo and videos?

Check out our Youtube channel.
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