Inviting and Managing Users

Invite or remove users in your organisation; changing the role of a member

Inviting Users

If you want to share the data of your sensors with your team, family member or any one else that you trust. You can invite them to your organisation as a member.

Organisation owners and admins can start inviting members by clicking the Invite Member button.

  1. Input the email of the user whom you want to invite

  2. If the email is already registered on Waterwatch Live, their name should be filled automatically in the Name field; otherwise, please input the name of the user (the name can be changed by the user afterwards)

  3. Select the role of the member

  4. Click Invite to complete the process

If the invited user is new to Waterwatch, they will receive an invitation email. After they have completed their registration process, they will be listed as a member.

If the user is already registered on Waterwatch, they will be added to your member list without receiving any email. They can access your organsiation the next time they log in Waterwatch Live.

Currently, we do not have a hard limit on the number of organisation members. However, we do recommend to keep a relatively small group of members (probably less than 10) in one organisation.

If you want to share the sensor data with public or a community, please contact Waterwatch support.

What if the invited user did not receive an email?

Please ask the invited user to check their junk mail folders, or you coud resend the invitation by clicking the Action button next to the user:

This will resend an invitation email to the user.

If the user has already accepted the invitation but never logged in, you may encounter error when resending invitation. Simply just ask the invited user to log in once will fix the problem.

Cancelling Invitation

The invitation can be cancelled if the user has not yet accepted the invitation. Simply click the Cancel Invitation button to cancel the invitation.

Changing the Role of a Member

The role of the member can be changed after they accept the invitation. Simply click the Action button to open the actions menu, and then select Make Admin or Revoke Admin Rights to perform the change.

Removing Members

A member can be removed from your organisation as long as they are not the owner of the organisation. Simply click the Action button to open the actions menu, and then select Remove.

A registered user won't lose their Waterwatch account after being removed, but they will no longer have access to your organisation.

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