Upgrade T35 to T35-X
Once you have your T35-x kit, please read carefully and follow the instructions step by step to replace the battery and housing.
When you’re all done contact your supplier or email [email protected] and let us know. We will reset your battery level and record that you have completed the upgrade.
T35 Upgrade 07-22.pdf
Printable Instructions
1. Unscrew the top case anti-clockwise and remove the base.
2. Carefully pull the radar and connected circuit board from the case
3. Unplug the battery cable from the board, do not disconnect the board from the sensor.
4. Cut the zip tie with a pair of scissors and remove. Please make sure the ends of the scissors do not touch the board.
5. Hold the board firmly on the edges and be careful not to twist the circuit board.
Slowly detach the old battery from the double-sided tape and then remove the double sided tape from the board.
6. Plug the new battery cable into the circuit board.
7. Get your new case. If you have multiple sensors, check that the serial number on the new case matches the sensor you are upgrading.
Place the battery into the cradle in the new case. The battery wires should be on the left side of the cradle.
8. Slide the circuit board and radar into the new case over the battery. Keep the wires to the left and be careful not to pinch the battery wires between the circuit board and the new case.
Push the case and radar together to compress the o-ring.
9. Place the board & radar back into the base. Screw the case back on and you’re good to go! Make sure the cover is tightly screwed on to prevent water and dust from damaging your sensor.
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