LS1 Environmental Models (before Oct 2022)

Installation instructions for LS1, LS1-R and LS1-10M sensors

Tools you'll need:

Tips For Positioning Your Sensor

The sensor measures the distance to the water by bouncing signals off the water surface and back to the sensor.

If the signal hits objects like rocks or grass the measurements can be wrong. If the sensor is on an angle, it can bounce the signal in the wrong direction.

  • Check that there is nothing under the sensor like rocks, grass or concrete.

  • The sensor should be as level as possible with no more than a three degree angle.

  • The smallest measurable distance is .3m and the maximum is 7m.

Before fixing to a structure with screws, ensure that the structure is firm and will not move.


The offset of a sensor is the distance between the sensor and the baseline water level. The baseline is the water level that you choose to define as 0. This means the sensor can calculate the height of the water.

You can choose not to have an offset and the sensor will calculate the distance to the surface of the water.

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