Valid Sensor Ranges

How far/close can my sensor measure

Waterwatch sensors have limitations in the measurement distance. If the sensor is too close or too far from the surface, the sensor is not able to record a valid measurement. Different types of sensors usually have their own minimum and maximum ranges.

Sensor model

Min distance from surface

Max distance from surface


0.3 metre

5 metres


0.5 metre

10 metres


0.1 metre

10 metres


0.1 metre

20 metres


0.2 metre

7 metres


0.2 metre

3.5 metres

Please note that the distance is calculated from the sensor module (not the device) to the surface. For example, for T35 sensors, the sensor module is at the bottom of the sensor; for LS1-P sensors, the sensor module is the cylindar metal piece, attaching to the end of the cable.

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