LS1 Sensor Cable Upgrade
Cable replacement.pdf
As part of our ongoing developments, we have identified an improvement that can be made to the performance of the LS1 ultrasonic sensors. This comes in the form of a replacement cable that goes inside the sensor.
If this upgrade is applicable to your sensors, your local Waterwatch dealer will be in touch to ship a cable out to you.
Sensor Cable Replacement Type 1
Sensor Cable Replacement Type 2
Steps to perform the upgrade:
  1. 1.
    Remove the sensor from the installation site and place it in a dry and dust free area. Unscrew and remove the lock ring from the sensor.
2. Unplug the battery.
3. Gently remove the cable connecting the main board and the sensor.
Sensor Replacement Cable Type 1
Sensor Replacement Cable Type 2
4. Cable Type 1: install the new cable by inserting the connector with three cables into the sensor. Insert the other end with four cables into the main circuit board.
Cable Type 2: install the new cable by inserting plug with long cables into the sensor. Insert the plug with shorter cables into the main circuit board.
5. Plug the battery cable into the battery socket.
6. Slide the cover over the board. The logo is positioned at the front while the back of the cover fits over the battery. Use the guide slots at the base of the cover.
Make sure the gap between the cover and the sensor are smaller than 1mm when holding them together with some pressure.
Otherwise, please adjust the position of the board to fit properly into the outer case.
7. Carefully screw the lock ring back until there's no gap between the lock ring.
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